Totto Renna

Par Ultra-book

1 janvier 2019

Totto Renna, best known as Supertotto, is a digital illustrator who lives and works between Naples (his hometown) and Berlin.

Graduated in graphic design and illustration at the IED in Milan, he works as a freelance illustrator since 1990, collaborating with magazines, advertising agencies, production houses, publishing houses and new media agencies, ranging over illustrations, graphic design, web design, 2D animation and video games.

Since 2000 he works exclusively with the computer and with a technique, the pixel art, which is inspired by the one with which the first video games were made in the 80s. He is part of that generation who saw them born and has spent much of his adolescence in a game room and that kind of representation has become part of his imaginary.

From 2005 to 2011 he taught Digital Illustration at the Academy of fine Arts in Urbino (Italy).

Some of his clients are Wired, Computer Arts, AD, Carrefour, Darty, Gala, Swiss Post, the Guardian, Popular Science, Sony, Men’s Health, Time, Nestlé, Ald Automotive, Elle, Adidas, Mini, Société Générale, Coca Cola, Rolling Stone, Paypal, Tgv, Fiat Auto, Mtv and many more…

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